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Ghazanfar Saeed Welcomes You

Making a Difference

Ghazanfar Saeed will be the savior to stop spike in property taxes hike in St Lucie county. lnvestor, builder, developer, real estate Mughal, retired medical doctor/educator, real estate professional stepped in property appraiser race to rescue ALL homeowners (regardless of party affiliation to relieve ALL from mutual affliction of soaring property taxes during last 6 years )and eventually saving money to ALL tenants and also decreasing very high delinquencies that results in losing homes due to inability to pay out of control property taxes.
I met with scores of helpless homeowners ALL they have unanimous suffering of escalation in property taxes. I will be TRUE representative of ALL homeowners and tenants to alleviate the suffering of being squeezed out by paying eye popping property tax. Let us ALL join hand in hand to mitigate mutual suffering by electing Saeed to be our property appraiser with pledge to prove SAINT for St Lucie county.

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Property appraiser, Mr. Saeed will be SAVIOR for ALL property owners and for ALL renters. How we will accomplish this goal, by working together. ALL property owners will see reduced taxable value instead inflated value seen and suffered paying Highest property taxes in the past. Investors/owners will pass tax relief to renters and reduce rent. Mr. Saeed will broaden tax base by enabling record home ownership with down payment assistance up to 10k, to health care workers, school related employees, retail business employees and any one who can secure mortgage will get guaranteed down payment assistance to boost local real estate market. Above and Beyond plans to accomplish, Mr. Saeed will be SAINT for County by starting vocational training programs from school to college level, Sunday reading programs, variety of lecture series by experts for all ages, healthy living, money management, starting own business with easy loans, better parenting ,success in schools/college, establish book bank and help paying college tuitions. Vote for Mr. Saeed our property appraiser to bring ALL closer so that we can proudly say SLC our home .

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Mr.Saeed ( Candidate for Property appraiser) will be Savior for ALL SLC residents

1.Fair taxable values will lower property tax bill .
2.Record high number of fixed income  owners will not be stressed of losing home in tax certificates sales.

3. Landlords will give relief to renters when all taxing entities will not increase millage rate ( SLC has highest taxing millage  rate in Florida )

4. Mr .Saeed will be SAINT for SLC by broadening tax base and enabling record numbers to acquire homeownership with down payment assistance for ALL (employees , Schools related ,health sector,law enforcement,retail business, any one who can secure mortgage will get down payment assistance from gift fund ( with 5k gift has to keep ownership for 5 years ,with 10k gift has to keep ownership for 10 years to avoid replenish the fund).Any taxing entity coming with increased budget requests has to answer public forum to get advice from residents how budget increases can be avoided .       

5. I have  empathy for ALL and passion to serve  NOT like Incumbent politician ONLY milking homeowners to eye popping level where homeowners will be thinking to sell their homes and move to other counties before losing it in tax certificate sales.

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Thank you for your interest in Ghazanfar Saeed. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

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